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Deer Creek Client Testimonials

I just wanted to thank Dr. Lee for the care he took of my senior Corgi, Dickens. We discovered he had some broken teeth and needed to have his teeth cleaned. I was very pleased to have Dr. Lee discuss all options, including a root canal to save a vital tooth. Dickens sailed through his procedures thanks to the great care he received at DCAH. Although he had never missed a meal, the underlying infection from the broken teeth had begun to impact his overall health. I feel that he is much happier and healthier now that his teeth are no longer a problem. I would highly recommend Dr. Lee and his staff at Deer Creek Animal Hospital. – Vicki M.

Back in May of 2009 we noticed that our 11-year-old Yorkie, Brody, just wasn’t acting his typical self. He didn’t have his usual energy or appetite. I took him in to Deer Creek Animal Hospital to see Dr. Ray Cox whom we’ve known for 25 years. Ray checked him out and found that many of his teeth were in bad shape with a lot of plaque formation and some were loose.

He recommended that we get Brody in to have his teeth cleaned and that Dr. Ken Lee would take care of any dental problems while Brody was still under general anesthesia.

On the day of his dental appointment we were very worried because we knew that with smaller dogs dental problems are always a concern, and we had not been very diligent with his dental care other than giving him biscuits and dental chews designed to help remove plaque.

Dr. Lee called us during and after Brody’s procedure to give us updates on his status. He told us that Brody had two abscesses and that he’d had to remove 14 teeth total. He assured us that Brody was doing fine and he would be feeling so much better in a day or so.

True to his word, Brody was back to his spunky self the next day and even with 14 teeth gone, his appetite and ability to chew food has not been affected.

I can’t thank Dr. Lee and all the staff at Deer Creek enough for taking such good care of our dog. Part of Brody’s dental future will be yearly exams and I know that he will always get the best care at Deer Creek – Barb and Greg K.

I just wanted to thank the great staff at DCAH for the tremendous care that was given to my cat Pokey on his recent visit. Pokey needed dental work done. After the required work was done, we noticed that Pokey’s appetite had increased. He has now gained 4 ozs. Wow, that’s great new s for us. Thanks again to Dr. Lee and his staff. — Jesse T.