Kennel Assistant Job Description

REPORTS TO: Practice Manager

COORDINATED BY: Practice Manager

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Previous kennel experience preferred


Care for boarding pets by tending to their daily needs and ensuring their well-being, reassure clients with compassionate and thorough communication, and maintain the boarding facility’s appearance through general housekeeping, all to provide a comfortable boarding environment with quality compassionate care.


  • Ensure the well-being of boarding patients through attention to their feedings, exercise, cleanliness and comfort in accordance with client’s requests
  • Function as a team member at all times by communicating effectively and diplomatically, being approachable and willing to assist coworkers, maintaining a positive and proactive attitude, and promoting interdepartmental communication and cooperation
  • Create a positive and memorable client experience by exceeding customer expectations and actively increasing customer loyalty
  • Interact with all animals with compassion and concern for their well-being
  • Expand knowledge and skills through the willingness to learn new tasks


Boarding Check-in: Promptly respond to the receptionists when paged for check-in and dismissal escorts; ensure all information is complete and correct at check in; ensure boarders are identified with yellow collars (leave owner collars with owner); escort boarding patients and their personal belongings to the proper area in the boarding facility as requested by the client; enter boarding patients into the census; properly label pet’s personal belongings and food with the client’s name; notify a technician after check-in when medication, tech feeds or procedures are needed by bringing the patient file and boarding card to a technician in ICU to enter into the computerized whiteboard; provide water and a clean blanket to all boarders upon arrival; spend time with boarders upon arrival to reassure and comfort them

Boarding Patient Care: Interact with all boarding patients throughout the day to ensure their well-being; notify a medical staff member of any abnormalities; feed all boarding patients in accordance with client’s instructions on the boarding card (take note of special dietary instructions); ensure that each patient has clean bedding and water at all times; clean food bowls daily and change water bowls as necessary; exercise all canine boarding patients in accordance with clients instructions, including outdoor exercise sessions and swims; follow proper leash/harness and lifejacket safety guidelines at all times; bathe boarding patients during their stay as requested by clients or as necessary; bring boarding patients to ICU for appointments with veterinarians, nail trims, blood draws, fecal sample collection, and other procedures

Restraint: Compassionately and safely restrain patients for veterinarians and technicians during examination, blood, urine and fecal sample collection, nail trims, and other procedures; utilize muzzles and distraction techniques when necessary to ensure the safety of employees and clients as well as the comfort and safety of the patient

Client Communication: Interact with clientele cheerfully and professionally; ensure clients feel comfortable leaving their pet in our care during check in; address client concerns regarding their pet; direct medical related questions to a veterinarian or technician; provide tours of the boarding facility to clients as requested; deliver phone updates to clients regarding boarding patients; provide the client with a report card on their pet’s stay during dismissal

Boarding Card Documentation: Ensure both sides of boarding card are complete during check in; notify appropriate staff members of any pertinent information (surgery or procedures needing completion); record all information on the boarding card and initial as the boarder is being serviced (feeding, appetite, bodily functions and exercise, swimming, urination, bowel movements, etc); record all pertinent information in file; check files to make sure medications given by technicians are recorded

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Boarding Facility: Clean the boarding facility daily in accordance with the checklist and with proper cleaning protocol; clean and sanitize all canine kennels in the morning while the boarding patients are outside and maintain throughout the day as needed; clean and sanitize all feline kennels in the morning and maintain throughout the day as needed; sanitize the cages, runs and kennel doors in a prompt manner after patients are dismissed; remove debris from drains at the back of runs and sanitize as needed; clean and sanitize the exterior courtyard; maintain the exercise pool as instructed; stock food and litter containers; fill spray bottles and ensure that each container has a hazardous contents label; sweep and mop the floors as needed; sanitize all countertop surfaces frequently; empty trash cans and recycling bins as needed; wash dishes; launder all dirty bedding and towels from the hospital and boarding facility; fold all clean laundry and stock bedding in the boarding facility

Computer Functions: Enter boarding patients into the census and update as needed; maintain arrival and departure lists; ensure internet viewing feature is operating properly; post boarding charges to the client’s account; take digital pictures of the boarding patients and complete a report card to be sent home with the clients

Boarding Dismissal: Store and complete all charges for client on dismissal day; account for all personal belongings and unused food to be returned to owner; clean, brush and deodorize boarder prior to dismissal; interact with client at dismissal; review report card and inform them of their pet’s stay

Safety and Company Policy Compliance: Be conscientious and aware of any potential dangers and implement safety measures when necessary for the protection of all staff, clients and patients; follow protocols and policies as stated in the DCAH Employee Handbook

Customer Service: Provide quality customer service to our clientele during all stages of their visit; achieve client satisfaction through friendliness, compassion and understanding; ensure all boarding patients are attended to with compassion and adherence to client’s instructions; be proactive in the mission to increase customer loyalty by anticipating needs and exceeding client expectations; conduct all interactions with the public as a professional and positive representative of Deer Creek Animal Hospital

Other Duties as Assigned: Assist clients by carrying food to their automobiles; clean trash and animal waste from exterior areas of the hospital property; shovel snow from the walks and courtyards as needed; assist other members of the hospital team as necessary by running errands, cleaning kennels in the hospital wards, and emptying trash and laundry bins; complete small projects as assigned by the Practice Manager


(Refer also to OSHA and MSDS logbooks)

  • Will be required to lift patients and equipment frequently. Seek assistance for weights exceeding your personal ability
  • Majority of shift will be worked standing or walking
  • Bending, squatting, and kneeling are frequently required
  • Exposure to anesthetic vapors, radiation, controlled drugs, zoonotic diseases, harmful chemicals, and bodily fluids of patients
  • Potential exists for bite wounds, scratches, and other injuries that could be obtained by patient handling
  • Frequent exposure to unpleasant odors and noises
  • May be involved in emotionally challenging situations